Guest Column: Decoding Profitable Programming in Radio: Vineet Singh Hukmani

By | 2015-21-10

The right formats will be additive to business, but any mistake will be a costly one as the One time entry Fee for Delhi Mumbai Bangalore together are in excess of Rs 390 crore, says Hukmani

Guest column: The future of commerce is brand commerce

By | 2015-08-10

Communication specialists of the future will build their businesses around insightful ideas and implementable technology

Guest Column: Marketing & Strategy in Media Management: Joginder Chhabra

By | 2015-05-10

"The role of strategy and marketing has increased manifold in media management from a brand perspective over last few years. Brands are increasingly micromanaging media decisions both from a planning and buying perspective," says Joginder Chhabra, Head - Marketing Intelligence & Consumer Insights, LG Electronics India

Guest Column: Ad agencies must reinvent by creating trust, transparency and purpose

By | 2015-30-09

Many agencies tell clients that consumers do not want brands selling to them. But the same agencies survive by "selling" their specializations and services to their clients. Writes S Yesudas Ex -Managing Director, Vizeum India (Dentsu Aegis Group)

Guest Column: 4 reasons why video is future of digital content: Rama Krishna Veerapaneni

By | 2015-26-09

Some of the figures on the kind of video content now being uploaded and consumed on the internet are mind-boggling, says Rama Krishna Veerapaneni, Managing Director, Whacked Out Media

Guest Column: Using Google to Market your brand? Get your Math right! - Maheshwer Peri

By | 2015-25-09

The benchmarks set by Google for its scale, size, credibility and transparency can be countered by equally strong portals with everything Google offers, backed by strong content/product oriented niche portals, finds Maheshwer Peri

Guest Column: The Restless Employee: What to look for when you are looking for a new job: Gaurav Hirey

By | 2015-23-09

“If you have a unique skill and a right attitude there will be someone out there who is willing to pay the “right” amount for the “right” job,” says Gaurav Hirey, Chief Talent Officer, South Asia, GroupM Media

Guest Column: The Art of Branding: Guy Kawasaki

By | 2015-18-09

“In the real world, you don’t have infinite resources; you don’t have a perfect product; and you don’t sell to a growing market without competition. You’re also not omnipotent, so you cannot control what people think of your brand. Under these assumptions, most companies need all the help they can get,” says Canva’s Guy Kawasaki

Guest Column: Branding opportunity and brand responsibility in a disturbed market: Adve Srinivasa Bhat

By | 2015-17-09

Yippee had a huge market opportunity on hand with the Maggi packs going off the racks and for some good time, with the ban on its production and supplies, observes management consultant Adve Srinivasa Bhat

Guest Column: The conversation drivers at IBC 2015: T Shobhana

By | 2015-17-09

Very soon just like automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, you will see M&E industry also undergo a major transformation, says T Shobhana, Vice President & Global Head, Marketing & Communications at Prime Focus Technologies

Guest Column: Brand Consistency: Walking the tight rope: Denny Joseph

By | 2015-19-08

Digressing from the established and accepted communication, results in loss of recall for the brand. This makes consistency in brand communication, both internal and external, of utmost importance for brands, finds Denny Joseph, Vice President, Key Accounts, Magnon eg+

Guest Column: How to manage a brand crisis? Don't: Adve Srinivasa Bhat

By | 2015-21-07

A crisis continues to remain a blemish for a brand if not settled with convincing explanation and with a product that is an innovation, the inability to explain the negative aspects would only hurt the sales hard, says management consultant Adve Srinivasa Bhat