Nestle denies receiving official notice of Centre seeking Rs 640 crore in damages

By | 2015-19-08

The response came after BSE sought clarification from Nestle on TOI report titled "Maggi row: Plea for Rs 640cr from Nestle gets court nod"

Maggi's exile likely to end: Nestle agrees to comply with HC, Twitterati rejoice revoking of ban

By | 2015-14-08

Nestle will have to get five Maggi samples tested by three accredited labs to prove the amount of lead is within permissible limits. If the results are in Nestle's favour, they can restart sale of the noodles

Bombay High Court lifts ban on Maggi, orders fresh tests before it hits market

By | 2015-14-08

Reacting to the positive news, Nestle India stock is currently up by four per cent. Twitter is trending with the news

Twitterati reacts to Govt suing Nestle India for Rs 640 crore over Maggi crisis

By | 2015-13-08

Government has sued Nestle India on the ground that the company sold unsafe and hazardous products (Maggi noodles) to consumers, and also for their misleading ads

Centre set to seek Rs 426 crore in compensation from Nestle

By | 2015-12-08

The complaint, to be filed on behalf of Indian consumers, is against "unfair trade practices" and "misleading consumers" in the Maggi case

Uncertainty continues to loom over Maggi as FSSAI denies giving clean-chit

By | 2015-07-08

On Thursday, Nestle India stock slipped by 5% as a reaction to FSSAI's statement

HUL vs Nestle: Going over their crisis management with a fine tooth comb

By | 2015-06-08

Industry experts comment on HUL’s promptness in responding to Kodaikanal Won’t video that bashes the company for negligence in matter of mercury poisoning, as opposed to Nestle’s reaction to Maggi crisis

Nestle India stock up 6% on FSSAI approved lab finding Maggi safe

By | 2015-05-08

The Goa FDA had sent the Maggi noodles samples to CFTRI for retesting after FSSAI expressed apprehensions on state FDA's initial report, which had found lead within permissible limits

Nestle India MD assures no job cuts in spite of the on-going Maggi ban; company tackles Nestum crisis

By | 2015-04-08

To address the Nestum worm crisis in Coimbatore, Nestle India has issued a statement saying that the matter is being looked into

Nestle reports a loss of Rs 64.4 crore for quarter ended June 30

By | 2015-31-07

Nestle India has announced results for the Quarter ended June 30, 2015

MEC appoints James Hier as CEO

By | 2015-14-07

Since Hier joined MEC in Australia five and a half years ago the agency has doubled in size, with notable new business successes such as Nestlé, Netflix, Domino’s Pizza, Allianz, Channel 7, Blackmores, South Australia Government, Combe, Menarini, RSPCA and Tiffany

Ambuja Cements paid Rs 20 crore by Nestle to destroy Maggi packets

By | 2015-08-07

Ambuja is said to have been paid this amount to burn off recalled Maggi packets at their plant, state reports