Vivo replaces Pepsi as IPL title sponsor, deal pegged at Rs 200 crore

By | 2015-19-10

The BCCI Working Committee on Sunday announced the exit of PepsiCo as the title sponsor. Chinese mobile phone brand Vivo will take its place for the next two years. Though BCCI has not disclosed the deal amount with Vivo, the new deal is said to be worth Rs. 100 crore per year.

If Pepsi exits, IPL sponsorship pricing may see up to 30% drop

By | 2015-12-10

The title sponsor for IPL, PepsiCo, sent a notice to the BCCI last week expressing its interest to terminate the association with the league. The decision by Pepsi also gives way to other sponsors to introspect their association and could also result in them exiting too

Kochi and Ahmedabad franchises likely to replace CSK and RR in IPL

By | 2015-21-07

The IPL Governing Council is expected to give recommendations in six weeks following the Lodha Panel verdict on suspending CSK and RR for two years. Reports are surfacing that Kochi Tuskers and Ahmedabad team are likely options BCCI is considering

CSK brings in higher viewership than IPL’s average viewership

By | 2015-15-07

CSK has always managed to get viewership which is above the average IPL match viewership every season, while RR viewership comes close to average IPL viewership, reveals TAM data

Lodha Panel verdict on CSK & RR to have limited effect on IPL brand pull, say experts

By | 2015-15-07

While there may be pitfalls for IPL in the next two years in the absence of CSK and RR, from a broader perspective, IPL’s brand power will not diminish, say marketers and media planners

How will the exit of CSK and RR affect TV viewership of IPL?

By | 2015-15-07

While IPL 8 sailed smoothly, it seems that the ghosts of 2013 spot-fixing scam are still plaguing the cricketing property. With two top teams exiting for a period of two years, the League could see an impact in television viewership

E-commerce emerges as top advertising category in IPL 8

By | 2015-12-06

TAM data shows cellular phone service slipped to No.2 brand category from No.1 in IPL 7, while smart phones category which was No.2 brand category for IPL 7 got pushed to No.3

Hindi GEC genre continues on the road to ratings recovery

By | 2015-08-06

As the IPL season 8 concludes, Star Plus and Colors react quickly to bounce back, gaining 16 and 13 GRPs respectively

IPL 8 sees 20% ratings growth over IPL 7

By | 2015-05-06

TAM data indicates viewership for the entire season of IPL season 8 (60 matches) increased by 20 percent. The average viewership of IPL 8 increased to 3.8 TVRs from 3.1 TVRs in IPL 7. The final match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings brought in ratings of 7.4 TVRs

Hindi GEC genre recovers with end of IPL?

By | 2015-01-06

The end of IPL season seems to spell good news for the Hindi GEC genre, though the increased GRPs are a result of non-prime time viewing in week 21

IPL 8 grows by 23% in 59 matches

By | 2015-29-05

Till its seventh week IPL 8 garnered 22% more TVRs than IPL 7

Total loss for Hindi GECs now stands at 15% compared to pre-IPL week 14

By | 2015-18-05

The total viewership for television dropped this week by 0.6%, while Hindi GEC viewership saw a drop of 1.5%, according to TAM data